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International Coatings™ has the field covered in direct print plastisol inks, from puff to athletic multipurpose. Our high quality inks are formulated to perform to the highest standards.

Multipurpose Series
Used for direct printing, cold-peel transfers, hot-peel transfers (with the addition of 500 Quick-Trans Additive) and as a flock adhesive.

600LF Series Puff
For 3-D effects and dimensional printing.

700 Series
Standard colors for light fabrics, HP for dark colors.

900 Series for Nylon
Specially formulated for printing on tough-toprint Nylon fabrics

1100 Series for Athletic Fabrics
For printing directly on most nylon athletic garments

7600 Series
High Performance plastisol for ultra high speed automatic printing.


The 700 Series includes a versatile selection of high-pigment (HP) colors for dark fabrics, standard colors for light fabrics and a soft-hand additive that can be mixed with the inks to soften the feel of a print.

The economically priced 700 series produces excellent results in almost any printing situation.
This series is available in the following colors below:


  • A plastisol inks system designed with a selection of HP (High Pigment) colors
    for dark fabrics, standard colors for light fabrics, and a sofh-and additive that can
    be mixed with ink to soften the feel of the print.
  • Specifically formulated to help reduce ink build up on multi-color jobs.
  • Economically priced, this ink is at its best on automated equipment although excellent results can be achieved in almost any printing operation.


706LF Purple
710LF Softhand Additive
711LF HP LB FF White
712LF Blending White
713LF HP White
714LF HP LB FF White
716LF Black
717LF Jet Black
718LF Matte Black
719LF LC Black
720LF Softhand Clear Base
723LF Lemon Yellow
724LF Pro-Brite™ Yellow
727LF Golden Yellow
730LF HP Burnt Orange
743LF Pro-Brite™ Magenta
745LF Dallas Red
746LF Scarlet
756LF Maroon
762LF Light Blue
764LF Pro-Brite™ Cyan
765LF Ultra Blue
766LF Royal Blue
768LF Navy Blue
769LF Teal
772LF HP Bright Green
773LF Kelly Green
775LF Dallas Green
788LF Brown
791LF HP Lemon Yellow
792LF HP Orange
793LF HP Scarlet
794LF HP Light Blue
796LF HP Turquoise
797LF HP Golden Yellow
731LF FL. Pink
732LF FL. Yellow
734LF FL. Cerise
735LF FL. Orange
736LF FL. Purple
738LF FL. Green
739LF FL. Blue
740LF FL. Golden Yellow


Inks designated LB (low bleed) are resistant to dye migration or bleeding on polyester and polyester blend fabrics. On some problem fabrics, bleeding or dye migration may occur. Always test print the fabric before beginning production. It is best to do some long term testing on some fabrics to determine if this problem exists. Bleeding or migration of the dye from the garment or fabric into the ink film may not occur right away.


All products listed have been tested with International Coating’s inks. If these products are used with another manufacturer's products, proper testing must be done to insure the performance and durability of the mixed ink..



White inks of the highest quality are critical to screen printers. They are the day-to-day workhorse of the industry, and International Coatings recognizes their importance with an eye to delivering a range of the finest white plastisol inks available. International Coatings' whites are formulated to give excellent printability across a range of screen printing applications. None of our whites contain bleaching agents or emit any objectionable odors. To find the best white ink for your specifi c needs, please refer to our handy comparison chart on the following pages for easy reference. You will find a variety of white ink products, including opaque, high pigment, tinting whites, and low bleed products.



Truly white whites! International Coatings whites are industry standards, from our premium fast flashing, low bleed 700 Series whites to our high performance 7031LF and 7034LF white inks. None of our whites contain bleaching agents, cause ghosting or emit any objectionable odors.

700 Series Low-Bleed HP (High Pigment) White Inks
offer premium performance that is superior to other low bleed inks. These opaque fast flashing, low fusing, low tack white plastisol inks have a creamy viscosity, are easy to print, and require less pressure than most other whites. There is a 700 Series white to meet your every need including printing on tough to print polyester or polyester blend fabrics, through fine mesh counts, as an underbase, and for simulated and four-color process on dark fabrics.

Ultra White 7031LF & 7034LF
are International Coatings' brightest white inks. These high performance, low bleed inks are formulated for ultra high-speed automatic printing. They are very creamy, short bodied, low tack and offer greatly improved shear for ease of printing. Ultra White 7031LF & 7034LF are well suited for high definition and resolution, fine detail and half-tone printing. They will deliver faster production speeds with less pressure, and can be printed through finer mesh counts. All of this translates into better performance at lower cost


For those hard to print nylon and athletic fabrics, International Coatings offers the best inks on the market. For outstanding printing performance, superior adhesion, and long lasting durability, look to International Coatings inks.
900LF Series Nylon plastisol inks are the industry standard. This fast flashing, two-part ink system is specifically formulated for printing on nylon. 900LF Series inks are as easy to use as conventional plastisols, just as durable, and produce results second to none.
1100LF Series Athletic plastisol inks are formulated for direct printing on most athletic fabrics and can be found on many of amateur, collegiate, and professional team uniforms. These durable, high viscosity inks can also be used for cold peel transfers and as a flock adhesive.


International Coatings' has an easy to use color matching system to meet your every need. The systems come ready to use and complete with user-friendly formulating and usage guides - either as a hardcopy or as part of International Coatings' PC and Mac compatible ink management software program.

UltraMix™ 7000 Color System
plastisol series is an easy to use Low-Bleed Color Mixing System formulated for direct screen printing on light or dark 100% cotton fabrics or 50/50 poly/cotton blends (with the use of a low bleed white flash plate or underlay). The 7000 series plastisols are formulated for fine mesh printing and deliver continuous high-speed automatic runs with reduced tack at lower cost. Manual printing with this ink stresses the wrist less than with other comparable inks. The primary mixing colors are limited to nine super bright shades that provide accurate simulated color matches.

UltraMix™ 9000 Nylon Color System
is formulated to provide simulations of the PANTONE® Color Standards for light and dark colored nylon fabrics. UltraMix™ 9000 is a fast flashing, 2-part plastisol based ink specifically formulated for printing onto normally hard to print nylon. UltraMix™ 9000 colors are also well suited for fine detail and halftone printing.

UltraMix™ 11000 Athletic Color System

is formulated to provide simulations of the PANTONE® Color Standards for light and dark colored athletic nylon jersey fabrics. UltraMix™ 11000 is a very durable, high viscosity plastisol formulated for printing directly on to most athletic garments.



Looking for something unique to make your prints stand out? Consider International Coatings' complete line of specialty products. Here are just a few of the many specialty products International Coatings offers for direct and transfer printing.

220LF Puff Additive
produces a unique raised or puff effect. This easy to use plastisol product can be hand stirred into International Coatings' Multipurpose, 700, 800, 1100, 7000, and 7600 Series inks.

222LF Dulling / Suede Additive
reduces surface gloss in most plastisol inks or creates a special suede look ink. It can be hand stirred into International Coatings' Multipurpose, 700, 800, 1100, 7000, and 7600 Series inks.

1199LF Stretch Ink Additive
can easily be mixed into Multipurpose, 700 Series or 1100 Series inks to dramatically increase elongation and adhesion on Lycra, Spandex and other types of stretch fabrics; or, it can be used as an under print to increase elongation of the 7000, High Density and other International Coatings inks. 1199LF is a 100% solids ink that contains no solvents and has excellent laundry resistance.

3806LF Gel Gloss Clear
produces a very glossy "wet" look when printed on top of other flashed plastisol inks. This unique plastisol is not sticky or tacky and does not require increased temperatures for proper fusion. It can also be used as a caviar bead (PVC or glass) adhesive.

High Density Inks (HD)
produces dramatic 3-dimensional, heavy deposit prints. By reducing tack and increasing its flow characteristics, this high viscosity plastisol ink will print through thick stencils. Its unique flash time will speed up production and dwell time in the dryer. Extremely sharp edges can be produced for maximum effect. Available as 142LF HD Clear Base, 143LF HD White and 144LF HD Black.

140LF (Holographic) and 150LF Series Glitters
produce dramatic and unique glitter effects, with high gloss and excellent durability. International Coatings plastisol glitter inks contain special glitter flakes in an ultra clear base. They can be printed directly to fabric or as a cold peel transfer.

Shimmers create sparkling iridescent and metallic effects. International Coatings plastisol shimmer inks are all press ready and add a bright, non-tarnishing sparkle to printed garments. The inks come in a variety of colors and effects, and contain a fine, shimmering glitter flake in a low bleed, low fusion, easy to print base - a real plus for manual and automatic printers when it comes to wear and tear on people and equipment.

For more information on International Coatings' full range of screen printing ink products, visit